My name is Anna. I am Swedish and I have lived in Denmark with my family for many years.

My passion is to design and create! I am a graphic designer 

and I have had my own design studio since 

2006. I have always had a passion for interior design, decorating and 

re-decorating. Working daily with design, graphics, shapes and color combination 

I came to the conclusion that white...

the color of perfection, so natural...not the least timeless! White will never be 

“out of date”, it appears simple, clean and gives a beautiful Nordic/Scandinavian look. 

At White Dreams we design our own products and have them produced in Lithuania.

We do not compromise on the quality, all our products are produced in a high quality linen fabric. 


Linen is a fantastic and extreme durable natural material, a yarn or fabric made from the cultivated 

flax plant "Linum Usitatissimum". Linen adjusts to your body's core temperature quite nicely, it is 

graceful and elegant and it only needs a simple machine wash.

It always best to air dry all fabrics but linen can be tumble dried on low temperature. 

You can only get the wonderful feeling of linen by trying it!. The more you wash it the softer it gets.

Of course to like linen you must adore the charming wrinkles because the will always apear!

My intensions with "White Dreams" is to provide you with affordable and timeless luxury

to make your home enjoyable to live in. If not, I do hope that can inspire

you to a cozy, beautiful and loving home your family and friends will love o enter! 


Best Regards,