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A luxurious collection - thick waffle weave linen, stonewashed and softened after sewing. Especially chosen for the bath collection because of its softness, being so water absorbent and gentle to your skin. When you wash the waffle linen it will seem that it has shrunk a bit, even though it is pre-washed, but after a little body heat or stretching it a bit, the fabric will come to its original shape. It will fuzz a bit in the machine so wash only with other whites and clean the filter after. After a couple of times it will not fuzz anymore. Simple machine wash 60 o C, and tumble dry on a low temperature. 

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  • Towels "Ängalag"
    269 Dkk In Stock

    "Ängalag" Waffled towels 

    Our collection of thick pure waffeld linen towels does

    not only adorn your bathroom. They are gentle to your skin and

    very absorbent. The towels are pre-washed, and softened

    and will not shrink more. To get the soft feeling you have to

    tumble dry the towels after wash.

    • Product : "Ängalag"
    • Color: Off-white
    • Material: Waffled Stonewashed Linen
    • Care: Machine wash 60 º C. With other light garments. Tumble dry on low temperature
    269 Dkk
    In Stock
  • Badekåbe "Lax"
    999 Dkk In stock

    "Lax" Bathrobe 

    Make your ”everydayritual” more enjoyable.

    Wrap yourself in our stone washed, off-white and softened waffled

    bathrobe in 100 % pure linen. After the first couple of washes,

    it will be a bit fuzzy in the machine, so the first couple of times..

    wash it with other whites.

    • Product : "Lax"
    • Color: Off white & Nature
    • Size: One size
    • Material: Stonewashed Linen
    • Care: Machine wash 60º C. With other light garments. Air-dry or tumble dry on low temperature
    999 Dkk
    In stock
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items